The History Behind Our SEO Company


eyhan SEO emerged as a result of the experiences and efforts of the previous Pazireshe24 SEO team.

In a short span of time, working hand in hand, we achieved something truly extraordinary – we became the top health-related website in Iran. The Keyhan SEO Team, formerly known as the SEO team of “Pazireshe24,” has now evolved into an independent entity, armed with the invaluable experiences gained from our previous successes.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

It’s a philosophy that transforms work into a calling, and careers into a profound journey of self-discovery

Ali Saatsaz Yazdi
Ali Saatsaz YazdiCo-Founder
Results-driven SEO specialist with 5+ years of experience. Seeking to leverage exemplary project management skills, data analysis skills, and broad technical SEO knowledge as an SEO Strategist.
AmirHossein Mansouri Zade
AmirHossein Mansouri ZadeCo-Founder & SEO Manager
A Sampad Maharati graduate, deeply passionate about SEO with significant experience in this field. Actively engaged in SEO activities, constantly learning new techniques, and enhancing skills with enthusiasm.
Elahe Tahan Yazdi
Elahe Tahan YazdiSEO Specialist
Passionate SEO specialist with an engineering background and pursuing an MBA. Focused on staying ahead in the ever-evolving online world, committed to continuous skill enhancement for exceptional SEO results.
Sahar Hosseinian
Sahar HosseinianSEO Specialist, Content Manager & Product Manager
Product Manager @ paziresh24
Maryam Jouyban
Maryam JouybanSEO Specialist
Experienced SEO specialist with over 5 years of proven results. Seeking to utilize my exceptional project management skills, strong analytical abilities, and extensive technical SEO knowledge as an SEO Strategist.
Negar Salimi
Negar SalimiSEO Specialist
Results-oriented SEO specialist. Analytical mind and the ability to discover insights from data to shape effective SEO strategies. Comprehensive keyword research and on-page optimization to technical SEO and link building.
Erfan Khanizade
Erfan KhanizadeWordpress Designer

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